So glad your here! 

Hi, I'm Rachel. Baby whisperer (or so I'm told) and light chaser! I shoot Nikon and ONLY natural light!! I have been doing this professionally now for 7 years and each year is better than the last. I love working with newborns and kids! I have the privilege to grow along side of families.

I have two boys of my own (7 & 9), a gorgeous 18 year old step daughter and I've been married my hubby for 10 years.. 

Originally, we are from New York but lived in Virginia for 11 years before we migrated here. Still adjusting to the deep south-I love the heat and hate the cold, but I miss fall and snow! I love coffee, open windows, anything drowned in light, babies, chocolate and photography. My favorite color is white, and that comes out in my style of shooting. The more neutral colors to me the better =)