SLEEK LENS PORTRAIT COLLECTION REVIEW | Rachel Ezzo, Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer, Baton Rouge LA

I was asked by Sleek Lens if I would be interested in trying a set of their actions and be willing to write a review of the product. I agreed, why not? I wasnt expecting anything or that interested in more actions, but I thought I would give it a try. 

I like to edit my photos in lightroom first making some local adjustments and then head to photoshop to put the finishing touches on my images. This can be for various things, some as small as cloning out distracting objects in the photo or all the way to playing with the white balance, contrast, sharpening, smoothing skin and so forth. 

Sleek lens offered me the Portrait collection (Find them here: This is a set of 56 actions that go from an all over adjustment to the image, to individual adjustments such as smoothing skin, brightening eyes and even making lip gloss pop. I have to say, even when loading them into photoshop, I still was skeptical...thinking I wouldn't really use them after this. WOW, was I wrong!!! 

First off, I immediately fell in love with the Tone adjustments! SO easy!!! One click and I was just adjusting the opacity, and done! I found one I LOVE for the studio, called Romantic dance. I have a natural light studio and I do not care for bold colors in my images. This tone was perfect for my white studio and matched my branding. It gave the images a little extra pop. I also applied anther action they have called Frequency separation, where I smoothed moms skin over. I used the lip gloss action to make her lips pop a bit. I used the action, called SOFT GLOW skin, on baby. Below is a before and after. 


This image below of the baby, i applied the romantic dance action. I then used the honey skin brush all over baby's skin. that was it! cloned out the top left. Below and after : 


For outdoor images, I loved the FIrestarter action. This warmed up my image just a little bit and enhances that sun flare I love to capture in my outdoor images. Below is a before and after. 


My all time favorite set on this particular action set was the Portrait brushes. What time savers! In one click I was smoothing skin, brightening eyes, and even sharpening the details! I have a makeup artist that dolls up my clients before the shoot, and this set just compliments that! My favorite brush has to be the lip gloss brush, brightening lips gloss but also lips even on my newborns giving them luscious little pouts.

There are multiple actions to resize your images for the web as well to save time! Overall I really have to say, I enjoyed using these, they saved me time! I would recommend them for sure! 

Finnley | Newborn Studio Session, Rachel Ezzo, Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer, Baton Rouge, LA

This tiny tiny babe was just at 6 pounds and she was so beautiful! She had a little head of dark hair and kept that little tongue out her entire session. She was completely adored by her older siblings, so much so I had to work to keep their hands from covering her up, they would just swoon over her! She wanted to just snuggle her mama the entire time.

This session was so gorgeous!

Lucy | Milestone Session, Rachel Ezzo, Baby Photographer, Baton Rouge, LA

Lucy came to see me for her newborn session which we shot outside and then her 3 month. This is her at 9 months and she could not be any cuter and more beautiful! Cant wait to capture her at her one year in a few months! 


Snow Maternity Session | Rachel Ezzo Portraits, Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Baton Rouge LA

ThIs is my baby sister! I went up to NY a few weeks back and made her take photos with me ;) I brought the dress up from the studio wardrobe, and we ventured out right as the sun was setting. Drove to a church parking lot in the freezing cold and walked back to this field. Assessed the area for a good minute, and we were outside for maybe ten tops. The snow was about a foot deep out there maybe a little deeper in some spots. We both have really tall boots, on. She was a champ out there without a coat! Thank goodness for internal heaters when your pregnant ;) Scroll to the bottom to see the pretty photo I snapped while she was applying her gloss <3

These are some of my favorites: