Moses | Maternity Session, Rachel Ezzo Premier Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Baton Rouge, LA

Snow Maternity Session | Rachel Ezzo Portraits, Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Baton Rouge LA

ThIs is my baby sister! I went up to NY a few weeks back and made her take photos with me ;) I brought the dress up from the studio wardrobe, and we ventured out right as the sun was setting. Drove to a church parking lot in the freezing cold and walked back to this field. Assessed the area for a good minute, and we were outside for maybe ten tops. The snow was about a foot deep out there maybe a little deeper in some spots. We both have really tall boots, on. She was a champ out there without a coat! Thank goodness for internal heaters when your pregnant ;) Scroll to the bottom to see the pretty photo I snapped while she was applying her gloss <3

These are some of my favorites: