Mandi's Baby Bump

My cousin Amanda, is having a little baby boy! She is 28 weeks pregnant due August 13th. She is moving to New York (back home) to be closer to the family. I am sad to see her go, she was the only family I had here...but I am happy she will have a lot of support and excited for the new chapter of her life she is entering into.

Although, planning for a baby is stressful and pregnancy is not easy...she is both beautiful pregnant and radiant! She has the mommy glow, for sure!

I orginally had taken some pictures for her when she first found out it was a boy so she could suprise the family with a gender reveal photo. We kept it low key, because that is just her and just took a few. Then I asked if she wanted to take a few more before she left and she said yes.

Unfortunately, time just worked out that I had both kids and she was free at noon...So we did everything you aren't suppose to do ...we took photos at high noon (awful time for pics because of the lighting) and it was the HOTTEST time of day, almost 87 degrees and I made her walk a bit and chased my kids out of almost every photo. Even held them back with one hand while taking the last two... I'm the worst photographer ever. She was a trooper, though...=) Here they are: