Mother's Day giveaway & (mom and me sessions)

So I decided to do a giveaway, and it had an awesome response...I just couldn't decide how I would pick the winner fairly. So I used an online tool that is meant for teachers in their classroom. I enter all the names in the database and it randomly selected two "students" or in my case winners, for me! SO...the winners were: 

Mary Beth and Janessa!

Mary Beth was the first session I did. She had a sweet little girl named, Madilyn. She  was 16 months old. She loved her mama! There were adorable together as you can see here. Little girls must be so much fun =) 

Next session was Janessa and her adorable 2 month old little boy! Talk about a cute baby..he was adorable but unsure about his first photo he needed some calming from his mama. There is nothing sweeter than a precious baby and their mom =)

Last session was Talia, and her two cute kids! Neither of the kids really wanted to have their picture taken, but we still managed to capture some smiles. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of the kids..and even if they dont always look right at the camera with a big can capture their candid feelings through the lens...and it ends up being more memorable than all smiles! This is Rylan who is 4 and Layla who is 8 months old. I also found the chair that sweet Layla was in that morning on the way to the shoot at a yard sale!